Professional video, audio, photography and live streaming productions by Prodigy Media are second to none. Discover why market leaders choose our services.

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Rely on the best videographers and film directors in the business to execute your video projects.

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Host live video productions at events and distribute anywhere, such as to Facebook or a national TV station.

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Take your footage to the next level with professional editing capabilities and quick turnarounds. 

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Upload media files in realtime for instant editing, live streaming and/or cable satellite transmissions.

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Reach more customers with a strong brand profile and consistent graphic design.

[xtrm_services style=”icon” title_color_hover=”#b70a0a” image=”763″ title=”Photography”]

Leverage 24-hour turnarounds on everything from product shots to action photos.

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Improve content delivery with state-of-the-art encoding and transcoding on-demand.

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Distribute your media content every where you need to, no matter the medium or device.

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