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Team up with Prodigy Media for development of your next wordpress project. State-of-the-art progressive web applications and scalable cloud hosting.

Web Development

Applications For Any Device

Find out why Prodigy Media is the best choice for your next website, mobile app, or software project.

What We Offer

Development Services

Web and software development solutions designed to scale with our brand and event partners.

Progressive Web Apps

We develop fast, cost effective, and scalable solutions engineered to evolve appropriately as the internet changes.

Technology Audits

Expert analysis of your brand’s current digital presence, page rankings, and social media marketing efforts.

Information Architecture

 Maximize the value of your content archives and future releases by leveraging our data management practices.

Planning & Design

Combine efficient site planning and powerful user interface design to give your customers the best experience.

API Integrations

Improve organization performance by leveraging realtime updates and streamlined connectivity.

Search Engine Optimization

Position your content at the top of Google search results so your audience can discover it instantly.

Database Management

Improve site performance, secure your data, and keep it that way as your business grows.

Firewall Security

Top-notch firewall security options serving small business through enterprise-level clients.

Google Pagespeed

Decrease page load time and minify scripts to earn next-level Google Pagespeed scores.

Wordpress Customization

We can fix anything WordPress related. We’re happy to help whether Prodigy is your hosting provider or not!

Conversion Tracking

Our development team will integrate, monitor, and optimize your ecommerce conversion tracking tags.

Web Analytics

Track site activity like a boss with our Google Analytics implementation & reporting.

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Whether you're an established industry leader or just starting up, Prodigy Media solutions will help take your business to the next level.