Sports Productions Services

Multi-purpose solutions designed specifically for the needs of sports organizations, teams, athletes, coaches, and the fans who follow them!

A few brands where you will have seen our sports media content:

Productions Services for Sports

Simply the most cost-effective, scalable, multi-purpose media services available for organizations, teams, coaches, and athletes of any level, and their events.

  • Customized Filming Service & Distribution
  • Analytic Event Film
  • Team & Athlete Highlight Videos
  • Event Productions and Live Streaming & Broadcast
  • Team, Athlete, & Event Photography
Event Services

From a single practice to huge tournaments with dozens of simultaneous games, whether you want basic game film or productions with commentating, scoreboards, and replays, Prodigy has you covered.

Team Services

Everything from team and player photography to game film and event and season highlight videos, we provide sports programs and teams all the solutions to maximize their exposure and accessibility.

Coaches Services

From aerial & elevated filming, still-frame photography, and wireless audio communications solutions, we provide coaches of all sports and levels the tools they need to achieve their best.

Athlete Services

Our Athlete Services are simply the most effective and affordable services available. From over 15 years in Sports Media, our producers know what athletes need and recruiters want from film.

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Why Prodigy For Your Sports Media Needs?

  • Complete Customization

    Every Sport, Team, Coach & Athlete has unique wants and needs. We take pride in our flexibility and ability to provide services that best cater to our clients needs and fit their budget.

  • Fastest Turnaround

    In Sports, it is vital to be able to review film as soon as possible. Our technologies allow us to guarantee delivery of most media on the next-business-day, and even faster options are available as well for many services.

  • Highest Quality & Best Value.

    As in all applications, we utilze industry-best equipment and professonal crews who provide the highest quality services imagineable.

Available Upcoming Sports Events

Frequently Asked Questions

A few common questions people ask about our Sports Media Services.

1. How long does it take to get my photos & videos?

Basic media such as raw or slightly produced video or photos are available the very next business day and there are options to get it even faster! For media that requires editing and post production, turnaround is really just dependent on the complexity of the job.

2. How exactly do I receive my photos and videos?

Automatically, all media is provided to clients digitally via online download. Photos are full-resolution and all videos are provided in HD 1280x720p in a .mp4 or .mov format. There are all kinds of other delivery options as well such as receiving the media on a thumb drive or DVD, having it hosted online, or even uploaded overnight directly to another CDN or viewing website such as HUDL® or Krossover® for example.

3. Am I allowed to copy, edit, and sell my media?

Clients who order productions services are required to have ownership of media from the respective event can do anything they would like with the media we provide for them. However, media which is made available by clients and purchased by general public is protectd by US copyright laws and cannot be copied, sold, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

4. Where are Prodigy Productions services available?

Our services are available anywhere in the United States.

5. Are there any restrictions on where I can post my videos?

Customers who order media services (not just already completed videos) have absolutely no restrictions on what they can do with their videos. There are many recruiting services and media outlets that help athletes receive exposure for the recruiting purposes and we not only all, but encourage the use of the videos we create.